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Emily Scott was born in 1984 in Canberra, QLD, Australia. She is a BA in design from the University of Queensland.

She moved to London in search of a better rewarding career. In 2006, she joined the styling group for the World Tour of Robbie Williams. She was soon spotted by Robbie himself and he offered her to feature in the video of his song "Rock DJ".

Next, she signed up with Paolo Tomei, a modelling group based in Milan, Italy. With them, she appeared in advertisement for Lipton. She soon got more offers to pose in swimsuits for magazines. Among them were Playboy, Maxim and a couple others.

She took part in the reality show "Love Island" in 2006. But she allowed to be shot two weeks after the show had begun because her hair style was severely damaged due to an accident. There she dated Paul Danan and, later on, David Williams.

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